Experienced Counsel To Manage Risks For Your Business

Any dispute – whether it results from an investigation by a state or federal agency or from conflict with an employee – can be damaging to your business as a whole. Negotiation and litigation can be time-consuming and costly, and government fines can also be expensive. By working with an attorney, though, you can identify possible liability issues and prevent future concerns.

Beckman Law Firm, LLC, has been serving business owners in Colorado since 2012, and we will use that extensive experience to build a strong legal strategy that decreases liability for your business. We are proud to guide you in creating the policies that your company relies upon, review your procedures to ensure regulatory compliance and to negotiate agreements that protect your company’s interests.

Protecting Businesses And Preventing Losses

For many employers, the key to preventing future legal issues is to manage that risk through careful planning today. By working with an experienced attorney, you can create a legal strategy for your business that prevents future legal concerns and protects both your business and your bottom line. Risk management services that our firm offers include:

  • Reviews that ensure that your company is in compliance with the changing local, state and federal regulations
  • Guidance on developing personnel policies, procedures and employee handbooks
  • Reviewing and drafting agreements like employee contracts
  • Labor negotiations
  • Reviewing record keeping and documentation policies
  • Establishing procedures for terminating employees as well as employee discipline policies

Through carefully crafted legal strategy, we can strengthen your business and prevent future liability concerns.

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