Have You Been Treated Poorly By Your Employer?

When you are being mistreated in your workplace, every day can be a struggle. It can impact your everyday work, your future employment prospects and your financial health. You don’t have to suffer poor treatment, though. You can work with an attorney to get the respect and fair treatment that you are due.

At Beckman Law Firm, LLC, we understand that working with an experienced lawyer can be key to righting the wrongs you have experienced in the workplace. Because we have represented both employees and employers, and we will use that deep knowledge of employment law to build a compelling case for you, to defend your rights and to help you recover lost wages and other damages.

Experience Representing Both Employees And Employers

There are many laws that regulate the ways that your employer should operate, and the possible violations of employment law are just as varied. We have represented clients in a variety of different employment law cases, including:

  • Discrimination Discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, race, nationality, disability status or age is illegal, and if you have been denied job opportunities or suffered in a hostile work environment as a result then it is important to fight for fair treatment.
  • Sexual harassment – Sexual harassment of any type can create a hostile work environment, and it is important to report these instances to ensure that you and others are treated fairly in the workplace.
  • Retaliation – Have you filed a report about an employer’s illegal behavior, filed for workers’ compensation after being injured on the job or report harassment? If your employer denied you advancement opportunities, limited your hours or fired you as a result, that retaliation is illegal.
  • Wrongful termination – If you have been fired because of discrimination or as a retaliation for taking action to protect your rights or your health, your employer may have acted illegally. You may be able to have your position reinstated or to receive compensation for lost wages.
  • Wage and hour concernsWhen employers do not pay employees for all the work they do or misclassify an employee as a contractor in order to avoid paying them fairly, those employees may be eligible for compensation for unpaid wages, unpaid overtime and other damages.

Because we have represented both employees and their employers in different employment law cases, we know how your employer will build their defense. We will use that knowledge to fight to get you the fair treatment and compensation that you are due.

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