Representing You Through Divorce And Parenting Disputes

Family law matters don’t end when an order is issued. The effects of a divorce or custody dispute often change your life and those of your loved ones forever. With so much on the line, you deserve a knowledgeable Colorado attorney who is committed to protecting your rights now and for the long term. At Beckman Law Firm, LLC ,in Littleton, founding attorney Mr. Beckman is an accomplished family law advocate with more than a decade of experience obtaining outstanding results for clients when their marriage ends or when they seek appropriate child support and custody terms.

Our Skillful Firm Provides Full Support When A Marriage Ends

Across the South Denver area, including Arapahoe, Jefferson and Douglas counties, our firm guides clients at every stage of the divorce process, handling important concerns such as:

  • Grounds — Dissolution of marriage in the state is purely on a no-fault basis. Divorces are granted because the marriage is irretrievably broken, regardless of alleged marital misconduct on either side. It is possible that the parties’ behavior might affect certain divorce terms.
  • AlimonyAlimony or spousal maintenance payments can be ordered to a spouse who lacks the ability to take care of his or her financial needs. Several factors can be reviewed during these cases, and the duration of the marriage is often a primary consideration. Regardless of whether you’re requesting support on a temporary or permanent basis or being asked to make payments, we’ll explain the important factors in your case.
  • Property division — Colorado is an equitable distribution jurisdiction, which means that state courts divide marital assets and debts based on what the judge thinks is fair though the split need not be equal. Our firm seeks to resolve property issues fairly either through communications or litigation.

In an initial consultation, we’ll take the time to learn about your situation and help you understand what marriage dissolution process might work best for you.

We’re Dedicated To You And Your Children

Our firm is committed to taking every possible step to ensure a healthy environment for children after their parents divorce. In many cases, questions regarding custody and visitation, known as legal authority and parenting time, can be resolved without court intervention. As long as no danger exists, joint parental responsibilities can be established so that each parent has a say in important decisions concerning their child.

Determining a schedule detailing the time a child resides in each home can be more complicated, but Beckman Law Firm, LLC, will thoroughly examine the child’s needs and look to form a plan that allows youths to maintain frequent, meaningful contact with both parents. If consensus cannot be reached, we’ll review the factors used by Colorado courts when evaluating what is in a child’s best interests.

A Reliable Advocate For You And Your Family

Even after a breakup, parents of minor children are required to meet the financial needs of their sons and daughters. In most instances, Colorado calculates the child support that a parent must pay based on a series of factors, including the time spent in each home, parental income, health insurance premiums and childcare costs.

If incorrect information is presented or someone artificially depresses their income, Beckman Law Firm, LLC, can seek appropriate adjustments. Our firm also handles child support modification and enforcement actions when changed circumstances require them.

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