Which employees are exempt from wage and hour laws?

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People in Colorado have many different types of jobs. Not only are the job requirements different, but the amount that people earn and the hours that people work differ as well. While the jobs that people may work vary, there are some similarities between jobs. Most employees are protected by certain federal laws. These include protections against discrimination based are certain protected classes, harassment, retaliation and also laws regarding minimum wages and overtime pay.

The laws regarding minimum wage and overtime are known as wage and hour laws. These guarantee that everyone will receive at least a minimum hourly rate for every hour worked by the employees. It also states that when people work over 40 hours in a week that they receive extra pay for those hours. This is true for many employees and if they do not their employers may need to compensate them later for the time that they did not pay them. However, this is not true for all employees, some employees are exempt from the rules.

Exempt employees

There are a number of types of employees who are exempt from the rules and include, but are not limited to:

  • Administrative employees who are salaried and work directly for executives and exercise independent judgment in important matters.
  • Executives and supervisors who are salaried and manage at least two employees.
  • Professional employees who are specialized in certain fields typically requiring advanced education.
  • People working in outside sales.
  • Owners of companies with at least 20% ownership interest in the company.
  • Workers who live where they work such as property managers.
  • Employees in highly specialized computer science fields.

Even salaried employees’ salary must receive minimum wage for the hours that they work each week in Colorado. Any employee who is not being paid minimum wage may have a claim against their employer. The employer may need to compensate the worker for the amount they have underpaid them plus other damages potentially. Experienced attorneys understand these laws and may be able to protect employees’ rights.