Problems persist despite reduction in employment law violations

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Employment law violations in the Colorado workplace are a source of problems for workers. Whether it is due to harassment, discrimination or any other illegal act, employees should be fully aware of their rights. Statistics track the type of violations that occur and their frequency. This is done to understand the various challenges that arise and to try and mitigate them. Even when there is a statistical improvement, it does not mean that the issue has been eliminated. People confronted with what they perceive to be workplace violations should consider their options with professional guidance.

Fewer workers made discrimination and harassment claims in Colorado

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its 2020 statistics and said that there were fewer claims for harassment and discrimination filed in Colorado. The numbers covered the fiscal year that ended in September. There were 1,155 claims of discrimination – a decline of 12% from the previous year. This was also the fewest in more than a decade. The reduction in the state was consistent with a national trend of less people saying they were facing workplace violations. Nationally, there was a drop of more than 7% in people lodging employment complaints. This was the fewest in nearly 30 years.

Colorado workers complained most often about retaliation, which comprised more than two-thirds of the claims. It is important to remember that retaliation can include multiple forms of discrimination. Title VII violations from the Civil Rights Act came next at 47%. Charges related to sex were slightly more than 39%. These percentages were consistent with the national numbers. Overall, the numbers in Colorado were positive.

Workers should stand up for their rights

Despite improving numbers in Colorado and many places throughout the U.S., people are often reluctant to speak up about employment law violations for fear of retribution. Still, people should consider how the mistreatment is negatively impacting them personally and professionally and take the available steps to address it. Whether it is retaliation, harassment, wrongful termination or wage issues, having comprehensive advice can be essential. Consulting with those who are experienced in employment law from the perspective of the worker and the employer can provide a worker with assistance in deciding how to proceed.