Retaliation in the workplace is illegal

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It is not always easy to get along with everyone at work, but Littleton residents understand that the dynamics of their workplaces can change, shift, and alter over time. Though the personalities and characteristics of a workforce and management may be malleable, the rules that individuals must follow regarding appropriate and legal workplace interactions do not. In particular, the actions that managers can take against workers who do what is right despite the consequences are limited and retaliation is prohibited.

This post focuses on retaliation, a damaging practice that can occur when workers are penalized for going against the potential interests of their employers. No legal advice is conveyed through this post. Readers may take the information that they find and use it to develop questions for their trusted employment law attorneys.

What is retaliation?

Retaliation happens when a worker suffers an employment consequence for doing something classified as a protected activity. For example, if a worker reports the illegal practices of their employer to the authorities, that worker cannot be fired for suffer a workplace consequence because of their honesty. Actual or believed illegal actions, as well as participation in investigations into the actual or believed illegal actions of one’s employer are protected activities for employees.

What to do when a worker is affected by retaliation

When a worker does the difficult but right thing and reports the illegal actions of their employer, they run the risk of suffering personal and professional hardships from retaliation. If they are retaliated against, they have options. They may be able to file a legal claim to prove that they were retaliated against and to seek damages to compensate them for their retaliation-related losses. Their trusted employment law attorneys can guide them through the process of filing a claim and seeking other paths to recovery for suffering losses from workplace retaliation.