Women are sometimes victims of workplace discrimination by women

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When people think of discrimination against women in the workplace, they usually think of actions against women perpetrated by men. What many people don’t understand is that discrimination can also be from women against other women. This type of discrimination can be very disheartening for female employees who believe that all women are there to lift up other women in the spirit of unity.

When some women work under female bosses, they experienced the same sort of discrimination and repression that they experience with men. When they try to complain or make themselves heard, they may be told to stifle their voices, and their ideas are dismissed. It seems that once some women achieve a certain level of power in the workplace, they pull up the ladder, preventing any other woman from reaching those heights as well.

One difficult aspect of this sort of discrimination is that women are often reluctant to accuse other women of workplace discrimination. They know how hard it is for women to even achieve certain positions, and they don’t want to create a situation where they’re perceived as being petty or troublesome.

Some female bosses create cliques where they reward employees only if they’re shown a certain level of deference. Many women don’t have problems showing their female bosses respect, but there’s a thin line between respect and obsequiousness.

The elephant in the room with many of these cases is that sometimes women who are in power are not willing to share that power with other women. Some of them may even fear that if another woman comes along, they could be toppled from their perch. This type of discrimination can be very difficult to prove, and it can also be emotionally exhausting.

Women who have dealt with discrimination from other women in the workplace may benefit by working with attorneys with experience in all types of employment law. Experienced attorneys may help their clients navigate the nuances of cases like these.