What are the different types of sexual harassment?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Harassment |

The simple fact is that sexual harassment is prohibited in the workplace. For this reason, and to ensure that victims are protected, it is helpful for victims to be familiar with the different types of sexual harassment.

Under sexual harassment laws, there are two categories of sexual harassment. Victims do not have to tolerate any sexual harassment in their workplaces and should be familiar with what these sexual harassment types are including:

Quid pro quo sexual harassment

Quid pro quo sexual harassment refers to when a supervisor, or usually someone in a position of power, uses that position of power to request sex or sexual favors in exchange for some reward at work or refraining from some type of punishment. This could include promising to promote the employee or refrain from firing them for example. Other examples could include raises or changes to work hours.

Hostile workplace sexual harassment

Hostile workplace sexual harassment refers to inappropriate conduct in the workplace that is so pervasive that it creates a hostile workplace environment. This can include demeaning sexual jokes or photographs or the use of threats. Inappropriate sexual behaviors can make the employee feel like they cannot do their job and are intimidated to come to work.

Workers do not have to put up with harassment in their workplaces including the various forms of sexual harassment. There are different legal protections and options available to help victims of sexual harassment which they should be familiar with when they face sexual harassment at work.