Hairstyle can be discrimination

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Discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes, but one that may pass under the radar is discrimination based on hairstyle. But, Colorado does prohibit discrimination based on a person’s hairstyle traits that are historically associated with race.

Discrimination in the workplace

Workplace discrimination takes many forms. One could be treated differently because of race or gender. One may be denied an advancement because of age. One might not be hired because of sexuality or disability status. These are the more commonly known discriminatory action. One that may not be known though, is hair.

The Colorado House bill that aimed to ban discrimination against natural hair passed in March of this year. It is part of a national movement to support those with hair traits associated with their races. The bill that passed in March was similar others preventing discrimination against natural hair, like California’s Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair Act.

Options for victims

If experiencing workplace discrimination, having a skilled attorney can help to ensure fair treatment. Protecting Colorado workers and ensuring they are treated fairly is the job of discrimination attorneys.

It is important to not though that employers do not have unfettered power. They can hire and assign work to employees. Nonetheless, they are not free to base these decisions on discriminatory intent or prejudice, like sex or gender, race or nationality, sexuality, etc.

Regardless, of the form of discrimination, working with an attorney can be an important step to righting these wrongs. Having someone versed in the law and how to protect one’s rights may be the key to vindicating one’s rights.