How is alimony determined in Colorado?

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During the divorce process, one of the spouses make seek alimony which is a payment made by one of the former spouses to the other. The spouse from whom alimony is sought may want to object to the request and the spouse seeking alimony may view it as needed support following the couple’s divorce. As a result, both spouses should be familiar with how alimony is awarded in Colorado when a couple divorces.

A request for alimony will be evaluated based on a number of different factors. Factors the family law court will consider include the age and physical and mental health of spouse seeking alimony; the property division settlement agreement and the resources of the spouse seeking alimony; if one of the spouses made the decision to forgo a career and career development to care for the home and children; the time it would take for the spouse seeking alimony to obtain the education and training needed for suitable employment; the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage; and the length of the marriage.

The family law court will determine if any alimony award will be made and the nature and duration of that award. There are different types of alimony awards that may be made and they may be made for different periods of time. During the divorce process, the family law court wants both former spouses to have as positive a financial future as possible so it will seek to make a fair determination if alimony is awarded.

In light of the purposes and intent of alimony, it is one of many divorce-related issues that will need to be addressed during the divorce process and can be challenging for many couples. Understanding in what circumstances alimony may be awarded is valuable information for couples to have during their divorce.